Mrida, derived from the Sanskrit "मृदा / मृड" beautifully captures the essence of Lord Shiva's grace, the elegance of nature, and the nurturing spirit of the Earth. With Mrida, discover a collection where each creation mirrors this harmonious blend.

The Brand Story

Mrida was born – a dream delicately nurtured by Harjeet and Shriya Nagi, a mother-daughter duo enchanted by the allure of Indian heritage. Mrida is not just a brand, it’s where the royal elegance of Maheshwar weaves, the delicate charm of Chanderi, and the earthy grace of Bagh prints come alive, echoing tales of regal courts, divine temples, vibrant bazaars, and tranquil rural landscapes. As the threads of Mrida intertwine, they bring forth not just the beauty of Indian textiles but also a promise – a promise to sustain, to preserve, and to continue the legacy of skills. But beyond the weaves and colours, Mrida is a journey of empowerment. It’s a story of women, for women, and by women – a celebration of the strength, grace, and resilience that women bring to the world, mirrored in every design, every fabric, every pattern. In Mrida, every saree drapes a legacy, every fabric carries the heartbeat of India, and every weave holds the warmth of a story waiting to be told.

Sculpting TODAY, Shaping Tomorrow!

Rooted in the heart of India, where tradition is woven into every fabric, Mrida has a mission: revive the richness and perfection of our Indian culture, tradition and heritage. Facing challenges that affect artisans and customers alike, Mrida aims to illuminate the fading art of handloom, for the new generation, bringing smiles as they embrace perfection in their attire.

Why CHOOSE Mrida?

Weave of Heritage

Explore the weave of heritage in every garment.

Elevate Every Day

Mrida is your daily elevation – timeless living that transcends ordinary fashion.

Handloom Elegance

Every piece is a celebration of traditional handloom techniques, preserving age-old weaving methods for the modern era.

Guilt Free Glamour

We at Mrida, are dedicated to sustainable luxury and conscious fashion.